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African WomenAfrican Women - You can find a nice variety of information here about beautiful African women, Swaziland women, Sudan ladies, young New Guinea women, African women from Mali, Ethiopian housemaides, Women of Mauritius and more.

Read, and find pictures on South African babes, Exotic women of Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopian ladies and Tunisian babes. All the splendor of African beautiful women.

African Models
AS the Nigerian fashion industry gets more sophisticated by the day, the need for world class African beautiful women models becomes all the more pronounced. With the success and unprecedented soar on the international scene of Oluchi and Ethiopian Liya Kedebe modeling is finally getting the recognition is deserves as a respectable profession and not merely the preserve of drop outs. The African beautiful women with the uniquely African looks finally have a chance.

African models Inc., a Port Harcourt-based agency, have been scouting for African beautiful women with four of their charter models: Rani, Annie, Felicia and Maureen. Surprising, virtually all the girls can boast accomplishments, however modest, though they are still fresh.

African Beautiful Women, Oluchi Onweagba (Click to enlarge)

Africa's Next Super Model
Africa's Next Super Model is a reality television show organized by Beauties of Africa Inc which selects 16 Black and Beautiful and African Models regardless of where they live and national origins, pits them against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win a modeling contract.

The debut season of the show premieres in 2006 to a global audience in many countries. On it, the lucky 16 female contestants will be flown to London, Paris, Milan & Rome for an inside view of the fashion world. A top African model is also expected to host the show as well.

Spanning a wide variety of women of various heights and body sizes, they will be whittled down from a pool of thousands who will audition for the chance to become Africa's next super model and compete against one another in various contests designed to simulate the extreme demands placed on professional models.

South African BabesSouth African - Dancing is still her big passion and she is always looking out for any openings in that direction. There is not much to do for a dancer in Europe, even someone talented both within African dance and contemporary dance. South African Babes.

Exotic Women of GhanaExotic Ghana Women - You can find profiles, pictures of Menaye Donkor, Dayan Tweneboah-Kodua, Georgina Kwakye and more information with the external links here on the exotic women of Ghana page.

Kenya BabeKenya - The 24 year old Loise Shinaka seem to have mastered impressing the judges and public and the master plan saw the Kenya babe, Quality Control Officer at Linpark Automotive being crowned Miss. Kenya 2005.

Ethiopian Beautiful LadiesEthiopian Ladies - The greatest show in the Universe was held for the first time in Ethiopia, with Ethiopias first participation in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2004! In 2005 Ethiopian beautiful ladies battled it out to return to the ultimate pageant in the Universe.

Tunisian BabesTunisian - While investigating a suspected liaison between her headstrong teenaged daughter and a cabaret musician, young widow Lilia becomes drawn to an exotic nightclub netherworld, Tunisian babes of Rubénesque belly dancers and nocturnal pleasure- seekers.

Black GirlsBlack Girls - Providing information about black girls and women all over the world. Details on/about black women, models (Brazilian, bikini, & Ethiopian), "chicks", African women and more.

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Afrika World - African beautiful women, the role of women in African taditional religion, African women in mythology.

Koranteng - African beautiful women, For many African women the interest of the international modelling agencies was a source of great pride, dark skin and full bodies.

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