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African WomenAfrican Women - You can find a nice variety of information here about beautiful African women, Swaziland women, Sudan ladies, young New Guinea women, African women from Mali, Ethiopian housemaides, Women of Mauritius and more.

African Women 2. Here are titles and links that can be found on the four African Womens pages - Woman From Niger, Ladies of Senegal, Market Woman in Sierra Leone and Seychelles Island Women, on the right of the African Women 2 page.

Below are titles and links that can be found on the four African Women pages - Woman From Niger, Ladies of Senegal, Market Woman in Sierra Leone and Seychelles Island Women, on the right of the African Women 2 page.

Ladies of Senegal
Worlds Second Poorest Country.
The Woman from Nigers Role.
People and Planet - Woman from Niger, population pressures, news file, Niger's population booms, the average woman in Niger now gives birth to eight children during her lifetime.
IRIN News - Woman from Niger, women bear the brunt of hardships and food shortages, women wait with their children for food handouts.
BBC NEWS - Woman from Niger, Niger women 'banned from grain stores'.

Woman From Niger
Lady Viviane Wade.
Oxfam America.
PBase - Ladies of Senegal, children, villages, trees, termites, Senegal 1978 photo gallery.
Distel - Senegal women's organisations, Ladies of Senegal, African Network For Integrated Development, Association Des Femmes De L'afrique De L'ouest and more.
Oxfam America - Ladies of Senegal, learning to be providers, the women of Senegal, many women in Senegal must go beyond the caregiver role to act as sole provider for their families.

Market Woman in Sierra Leone
Education of Girls.
Mrs. Marie Vandy.
Global Fund for Women - Market woman in Sierra Leone, August 2003, rebuilding lives, reclaiming rights, Sierra Leone Market Women's Association.
Hope Sierra Leone - Market women in Sierra Leone, government and parliamentary initiatives, trade unions, Sierra Leone Market Women Association (SLMWA).
Regional - Market woman in Sierra Leone, presentation details, (SLMWA) has limited funds, Health Care to women and children who were abducted or behind the rebel lines in Sierra Leone.

Seychelles Island Women
African, Indian and European Heritage.
Association des Femmes des Seychelles.
China Brides - Seychelles Island women seeking dating or mail order bride, penpal, marriage and much, much more.
Distel - Seychelles Island women's organisations, National Gender Focal Point, Seychelles Women's Association.
Shopping Yahoo!! - Seychelles women's Swimwear, find, compare, read reviews & buy online at Yahoo! Shopping.
Amazon - Seychelles Island women's toast of the town, women's clothing, apparel & accessories, womens shoes.
Gender Links - Far out Seychelles , case study, there is an ease about women in power in this idyllic country of 80 000 people living on forty granite islands.

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Woman From NigerNiger - 40% of children under five years old in Niger are underweight. Woman from Nigers health is at high risk during child birth, there is a 1/5 risk that a woman may die in child birth.

Ladies of SenegalSenegal - Condom are now losing favour among young people of Senegal, Viviane Wade first ladies of Senegal launched a six-month HIV & AIDS awareness campaign targeted at Senegal's youth.

Market Woman in Sierra LeoneSierra Leone - Many well meaning Sierra Leoneans have been trying to assist the less fortunate children access education in their communities. Amongst them is the Market Woman in Sierra Leone know as the Sierra Leone Market Women Association.

Seychelles Island WomenSeychelles Island - There is a popular saying that claims that the Seychelles Island women have enough French in them to be quite shapely, enough English to be polite, enough Asian to be exotic, and just the right amount of African to be on the wild side.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

The Hunger Project - The African woman food farmer, her future is Africa's future, women meet Africa's survival needs.

Women Waging Peace - African women, African women peace builders, from combat to community: women and girls of Sierra Leone.

African Women, Bald African Woman

African Women, African Working Women

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