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Black ChicksChicks - Profiles of Black chicks/models like Kini Carter and Nekeisha who currently owns and runs her own modeling company called Demure Models. Also pages on bigger black chicks for people who don't like thin women.

Big Black Chicks. Featured women Kim Coles and Loretta Devine and pictures of other big black chicks, including Queen Latifah and Vanessa Bell Armstrong.

The Full Figured Black Women
With billboards, music videos and TV shows every where you look its slim women, a lot of full figured black women reject society's claim that only the skinny are pretty, sexy and capable of getting the good jobs and the good men.

In the past, anyone who wore a size 14 or above might have been viewed as old, matronly and downtrodden. Today one in three American women are size 14 and above, but still the full figured women are wearing the latest trends, dating the hot men and succeeding in the line of work they are dedicated in doing.

Full figured black women are on TV, in films, in recording studios and in boardrooms. Living Single's Kim Coles and Queen Latifah are beautiful big women who continue to make significant strides. So are Jackie Harry of Sister, Sister and actress Loretta Devine of Waiting To Exhale fame, just to name a few. Others include legal correspondent Star Jones and gospel singer Vanessa Bell Armstrong.

Big Black Chicks, Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine
Big black chicks first featured lady is Loretta Devine. Loretta was born in Houston, she began her career as a stage director in the early 1970s at the Black Arts Center. After earning an MFA at Brandeis University, Devine landed her first musical role in "Godsong" at the famed La MaMa Etc. company in NYC. Her Broadway debut was in the 1977 revival of "Hair", but she scored her first big success in 1981 as one of the "Dreamgirls".

Big Black Chicks, Vanessa Bell Armstrong (Click to enlarge)

Black GirlsBlack Girls - Providing information about black girls and women all over the world. Details on/about black women, models (Brazilian, bikini, & Ethiopian), "chicks", African women and more.

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Kim Coles
Big black chicks second featured lady is Kim Coles. Kim was born in 1966, an American actress and comedian. Coles has appeared on many television shows, including Frasier and Six Feet Under. She is perhaps best known for her role as Synclaire James on the FOX sitcom, Living Single. Kim is a published author; her book is called "I'm Free But It Will Cost You".

Kim also joined other celebrities for a weight loss journey on the VH-1 reality show, Celebrity Fit Club. After 16 weeks, She lost a total of 24 lbs. She also dropped about 4 percentage points in body fat, going from 34.7% to 31%.

Big Black Chicks, Kim Coles (Click to enlarge)

Big Black Chicks, Queen Latifah (Click to enlarge)

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