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Black ModelsModels - Info and pictures on gorgeous black models including:- Brazilian models, ebony bikini, African American, black music video models, pretty swimsuit models, Africa modeling and more. Lots of different styles of beauty.

Pictures and profiles of Rojane Fradique, Ingrid Nascimento, Ana Bela, Danielle Leonel and actress Tais Araujo, all of who are very lovely looking black Brazilian models.

Black Brazilian Models, Rojane Fradique

Black Brazilian Model - Rojane Fradique Profile
First Name: Rojane.
Last Name: Fradique.
Nationality: Brazilian.
Ethnicity: Brazilian.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Brown.
Date of Birth: 1987.
Place of Birth: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Height: 5'11.5", 181 cm.
Measurements: N/A.
Dress Size: (US) 8, (EU) 38.
Shoe Size: (US) 7, (EU) 38.
Agencies: Elite Model Management.
Advertisements: Arezzo.
Magazine Covers: N/A.
Fashion Shows: N/A.
Hobbies: N/A.
Notes: Her fullname is Rojane Fradique Santos, Rojane placed second in the 2003 "Elite Model Look Brasil" contest.

Ingrid nascimento (Click to enlarge)

Black Brazilian Models - Ingrid Nascimento
Model name: Ingrid Nascimento
Age: 18
Birthday: 1988-06-14
Eyes: brown
Hair: long brown
Skin: light black.
Teeth: perfect.
Location: Rio de janeiro, Brazil
Height: 177 cm, 5' 10"
Weight: 51 kg, 112 lbs.
Bust: 83 cm, 33".
Waist: 60 cm, 24"
Hips: 88 cm, 35"
Dress/Clothes size: 5

Black GirlsBlack Girls - Providing information about black girls and women all over the world. Details on/about black women, models (Brazilian, bikini, & Ethiopian), "chicks", African women and more.


Model of the Week - More information about Black Brazilian model Ana Bela.

Black Brazilian Models, Tais Araujo

Black Brazilian Models - Tais Araujo Profile
Tais Araujo, is the first African Brazilian to play a lead in a local telenovela made by No.1 TV-Globo , Tais Araujo is still not used to the response she gets from fans.

Brazil has the largest population of African descent outside Africa, but African Brazilians are under represented on TV and film with black actors mostly limited to rare supporting roles.

As you can see from the picture above Tais Araujo has beautiful black Brazilian models like qualities.

Ana bela (Click to enlarge)

Black Brazilian Model - Ana Bela Profile
Originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Ana Bela first thought about becoming a model when she was looking through a teen magazine and saw a Model Guide with names and addresses of agencies in Sao Paolo. She walked into the Marilyn model agency and got signed immediately.

When talking about first coming to model in New York, she says, "I did not know a word of English. I was going on my castings and kept getting lost, and I couldn't even ask anybody for help. I would walk forever in the wrong direction before I knew that I was going the wrong way. It was a nightmare!"

Danielle leonel (Click to enlarge)

Black Brazilian Models - Danielle Leonel Profile
Model name: Danielle Leonel
Age: 18
Birthday: 1988-06-14
Eyes: brown
Hair: dark brown
Skin: light black.
Teeth: perfect.
Location: Brazil
Height: 178 cm, 5' 10"
Bust: 84 cm, 33".
Waist: 60 cm, 24"
Hips: 89 cm, 35"
Dress/Clothes size: 8
Shoe size: 7

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