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Pictures of Black WomenPictures - Black women swimsuit pictures, Renaissance woman - Maya Angelou, soprano - Leontyne Price and Secretary of State - Condoleezza Rice see information and pictures of black women.

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures. Ten photos of women in swimsuits, Koya Webb and Valentinas Secret two featured models and external links to more black women swimsuit pictures.

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Koya Webb

Koya Webb
Koya Webb:
Height: 5'11.
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown.
Measurements: 35-28-38.
Dress: 6.
Shoe: 7-10 US.

Koya Webb Black women swimsuit pictures first featured model is an outgoing, optimistic person who believes balance is the key to a successful life. Koya currently attends Bayview Baptist Church and is a fitness director, life coach, personal trainer, and is a private trainer and trains individuals, couples, groups, and corporate accounts. "I think everyone should have a strong and healthy mind, body and soul. My gift is performing and teaching. I want to live a life that is healthy, happy, and productive. I also want to teach others how to achieve this balance."

As a certified personal trainer, Koya spends her days helping people reach their goals. "It takes a lifestyle change." She is creating a better lifestyle for her clients by providing exercise prescriptions, healthy diets, professional assistance, and advice."

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Valentinas Secret (Click to enlarge)

Valentinas Secret
Height: 5'8.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Light Golden Brown.
Measurements: 38-22.5-34.
Nationality: Danish and West African.
Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Valentinas Secret Black women swimsuit pictures second featured model was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but she was raised in Switzerland by her medical doctor parents. Valentinas modeling career started very early as a baby. A editor of a Danish fashion magazine saw her with her mother shopping in a Copenhagen market. It was winter so both mother and Valentina were all bundled up, but the editor saw enough of little Valentina's sweet face to ask if he could use her in a photo shoot, her mother agreed, the rest is history.

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Sexy Black Swimsuit ModelsSwimsuit - Featured models are Gina Renee and Janelle Stein, both are sexy black swimsuit models. Also featured on this page is black women swimsuit pictures.

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Neferteri shepherd (Click to enlarge)

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Shelly Rain from Beauty Mark Models

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Teri Swan from Beauty Mark Models

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Christelle from Beauty Mark

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Mandy Marie from Beauty Mark Models

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Soroya from Beauty Mark Models

Black Women Swimsuit Pictures, Lindsey Hinshaw from New Trendz (Click to enlarge)

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