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Black WomenWomen - Pictures, information, models, and links on exotic ebony women, African American female scientists, black women in Hollywood, and African American women managers.

Black Women in Bikinis. Four featured models Dayana Jamine, Neferteri Shepherd, Royce Lyndsay and Niicole are black women in bikinis. Pictures and information can be viewed on these four models.

Black Women in Bikinis, Dayana Jamine (Click to enlarge)

Dayana Jamine
Dayana Jamine was born in Chicago, Illinois, but was raised in Los Angels, California. Dayana is 5' 2", 109 lbs, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Dayana enjoys hobbies such as roller skating, horseback riding, swimming, traveling, pole dancing and suspense movies.

Family and friends are Dayanas most important things in life. She likes to be around trustworthy, caring, generous people full of love.

Black Women in Bikinis, Neferteri Shepherd (Click to enlarge)

Neferteri Shepherd
Black women in bikinis Neferteri's great ambition led to her being booked as a leading model on the American Music Awards, on the runways of Baby Phat and Stuff Magazine, and featured in a National Ad Campaign with the athletic apparel company Privacy Wear. Neferteri has also been featured in the pages of Maxim magazine.

Black Women in Bikinis, Royce Lyndsay

Royce Lyndsay
Royce Lyndsay has been acting for 12 years, singing for 13 years, dancing for 16 years, modeling for 5 years and doing gymnastics for 8 years. Royce has a impressive resume which includes Mo Bounce magazine '05, bet spring bling '05, MTV spring break, American eagle '05, smilez N southstar video '05, intel' homebuilders show '06, Fl. hospital commercial '06, girl next door calendar '00 and Backup dancer for Tone Loc '04 to just name a few.

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Black Women in Bikinis, Neferteri Shepherd (Click to enlarge)

Black Women in Bikinis, Royce Lyndsay (Click to enlarge)

Black Women in Bikinis, Nicolel (Click to enlarge)

Nicole is ranked 3rd out of thousands of internet models. This gives her presence in the homes of virtually everyone who owns, or has access to, a computer. In September alone, had over 9 million hits, which is close to 400,000 hits per day. Nicole L is considered a walking billboard of marketing and promotional opportunities.

Nicole has featured in many different modeling jobs including runway, print, promotions, spokesmodel, TV and film video.

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