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Pictures of African WomenPictures - Pictures of women of Morocco, Cape Verde women photos, Ivory Coast woman photos and pictures of African women can be found here with as internal links along with external links.

Ivory Coast Woman Photos. This page offers you a little information about female circumcision in the Ivory Coast, random Ivory Coast woman photos and the 2003 Anti French protests.

Welcome, below you will find a mixture of information and pictures of African women from the Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast Woman Photos, Women and Children Fleeing Fighting

Female Circumcision in the Ivory Coast
Thirty practitioners of female circumcision in Abidjan have publicly laid down their blades, knives and scissors. This is the result of a campaign led by the National Organisation for the Child, the Woman and the Family.

The decision by the thirty to give up their trade during a ceremony in Abidjan marked the first instance in which ONEF had managed to convince some of the 75 identified circumcises working in Abidjan to quit. They had been circumcising girls and women despite the fact that circumcision was banned in 1998.

Random Ivory Coast Woman Photos

Ivory Coast Woman Photos, Ivory Coast Women in Traditional Dress (Click to enlarge)

Ivory Coast Woman Photos, Ivory Coast Women Upset (Click to enlarge)

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Ivory Coast Woman Photos, Agni Woman Ivory Coast Stamp

Ivory Coast Woman Photos, Young woman with amputated leg (Click to enlarge)

2003 Anti French protests
In 2003, thousands of women surrounded the French embassy in the Ivory Coast capital, Abidjan, angered by a French brokered peace plan.

The women, dressed in the national colours of orange, green and white waved tree branches and shouted "Chirac, liar".

This was a demonstration by supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo, accusing the French of forcing him to share power with rebels.

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