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African Women 2African Women 2 - Here are titles and links that can be found on the four African Womens pages - Woman From Niger, Ladies of Senegal, Market Woman in Sierra Leone and Seychelles Island Women, on the right of the African Women 2 page.

Ladies of Senegal. Condom are now losing favour among young people of Senegal, Viviane Wade first ladies of Senegal launched a six-month HIV & AIDS awareness campaign targeted at Senegal's youth.

Ladies of Senegal, Senegal women took in (Click to enlarge)

Lady Viviane Wade
Condoms are now losing favour among young people of Senegal, Senegal's first lady Viviane Wade launched a six-month HIV & AIDS awareness campaign targeted at Senegal's youth.

The six month campaign started on World Aids Day, lady Viviane Wade told a crowd of Senegal youngsters at a health centre that "youth are the most vulnerable to HIV infection."

"In 40 African countries the voices of First Ladies are raised along with mine to prevent new HIV/AIDS infections from harming the future of young people and adolescents," she said, referring to African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS, which promotes safer sex.

Ibra Ndoye, executive secretary of the National Council Against AIDS (CNLS), said that "only 45 percent of youngsters used condoms in 2005 against 60 percent five years ago, according to a national health survey published this year".

The survey found that Senegal has a low HIV binfection rate of 0.7 percent. But Ndoye said "low prevalence should serve as an incentive to continue the battle against the pandemic, and not to loosen up".

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Oxfam America - Ladies of Senegal, learning to be providers, the women of Senegal, many women in Senegal must go beyond the caregiver role to act as sole provider for their families.

Ladies of Senegal, Mme Camille Fall

Oxfam America
Mme. Camille Fall like some ladies of Senegal, she relies on selling herbs to support her family, which includes 17 children. For more information click the Oxfam America link above.

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