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African Women


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African WomenAfrican Women - You can find a nice variety of information here about beautiful African women, Swaziland women, Sudan ladies, young New Guinea women, African women from Mali, Ethiopian housemaides, Women of Mauritius and more.

Pictures of African Women. Pictures of women of Morocco, Cape Verde women photos, Ivory Coast woman photos and pictures of African women can be found here with as internal links along with external links.

Pictures of African Women, African Woman

The African Woman
For thousands of years the African woman has been worshipped, revered and idolized by individuals, families and nations, not only in Africa but all around the world. Ancient records show her as queen, goddess, scholar, diplomat, scientist, icon, prophet and freedom fighting warrior exalted with and sometimes above her father, husband and brothers. The African woman has administered great and mighty nations, led determined and capable armies into battle and founded splendid and enduring royal dynasties. Indeed, no other human of any racial or ethnic type has been so widely venerated as has the African woman.

Pictures of African Women, Cleopatra

Queen of Ancient Egypt, belonging to the Ptolemaic dynasty ruler of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC. Cleopatra revived the Ptolemaic powers through diplomatic skills, along with using her personality to make alliances with Roman rulers, and to have competitors murdered. Her fame is connected to a turbulent life of love affairs with the most influential men of her time. Her actual achievements had only importance for a short period of time with the revival of Ptolemaic powers.

Pictures of African Women

Pictures of Women of MoroccoMorocco - The Moroccan parliament passed a new law governing family rights and matters of personal identity. Morocco's women are now among the most emancipated in the Arabian world. Pictures of women of Morocco, links and information.

Cape Verde Women PhotosCape Verde - Cape Verde gained its independence from Portugal in 1975, the island state of Cape Verde in general has experienced political stability and tranquility. Browse here for information and Cape Verde women photos.

Ivory Coast Woman PhotosIvory Coast - This page offers you a little information about female circumcision in the Ivory Coast, random Ivory Coast woman photos and the 2003 Anti French protests.

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Acclaim Images - Pictures of African women, African American woman photos, stock photos, pictures, African American woman stock photography.

Dreams Time - Pictures of African women, beautiful African woman, beautiful African models. - Pictures of African women, African girl, Sharon, model pictures of black African women and girls and more.

Pictures of African Women, South African Women Visiting UIC (Click to enlarge)

Pictures of African Women, African women present offerings during Mass at the Vatican (Click to enlarge)

Pictures of African Women, African Women Working the Fields

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