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Black Models Africa ModelingAfrica Modeling - Ethiopian Models, South African Models, Princess Esther Kamatari and Iman Abdulmajid super model wife of David Bowie. Black models Africa modeling features two African models and offers internal and external links to more information.

South African Models. Models represented from Base Models, Ice Models, Zero Models and G3 Models, all agencies are based in South Africa. International and South African models can be found on the books of these agencies.

If you are looking for black South African female models then this page gives you a few model agencies based in South Africa. The agencies have a whole host of South African Models, be what you are looking for ether male or female. Some of the agencies also offer a range of international models.

Base Model Agency
Base Model Agency was founded in 1999 by Neal Vincent. The model agency based in Cape Town, South Africa boasts many home grown, international and celebrity models. Among the many South African models, male and female, on the Base Model Agencies books, there can be found Achen, Barbara Silva, Hazel, Jotasha, Lestia, Mad, Mandy, Marie N Dao, Monica Watkins, Nakeisha, Nara, Valery K, Planet, Sophia, Tammy and Tania, just to name a few of the black female models on there agencies books.

South African Models, Bridget from G3

G3 Model Agency
G3 Model Agency opened on the 15 July 1977 in Bree Street, Johannesburg. Over the years G3 have established themselves as one of South Africa's more successful modeling agencies.

G3 has two divisions of South African Models- Fashion and Commercial. The Fashion division is headed by Mr Carl Heunis who has been with the company for 24 years.

In the Commercial division G3 concentrate on adults and children with above average performance abilities. G3 supply artists for television commercials, print campaigns, films and television presenting. This division is taken care of by Ms Eloise Botha.

South African Models, Obunga from G3

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Base Model Agency - South African Models, Achen, Barbara Silva, Hazel, Jotasha, Lestia, Marie N Dao, Monica and many many more Base models.

Ice Models - South African models, Ice Models include Adhiambo, Aileen Aylward, Aileen Kaou, Andile Mdakane, Anneca Peoples, Babalwa and more.

Zero Models - South African models, male and female models, Ebony, Kimberlyn, Lenah Z, Tatiane C.

G3 Models - G3 Models online, male and female models, South African models, profiles, contact information.

Heads Models - Shine - models, photographers, creative, people, news, search, contacts, men, women models.

Max Models - Max Models, South African models, new faces, hair and make, become a model.

South African Models, Achen Base Modeling Agency (Click to enlarge)

South African Models, Barbara Silva (Click to enlarge)

South African Models, Hazel (Click to enlarge)

South African Models, Ebony from Zero Models (Click to enlarge)

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